How Do You Speak?

HowDoISpeak is an app which analyzes the words you use in your text messages and tells you things about yourself. The app will answer questions like:

  • which words do you use most frequently compared to average?
  • which friends do you send the happiest sounding texts to?
  • how often do you use words that have to do with politics/sports/partying/studying compared to your friends?

The more people who participate the better the data analysis will be. Anyone who uses an iPhone and backs their iPhone up on a Mac can participate — you will receive a secret link to your results via email. To participate in the project all you have to do is:

  1. Click the download link below (it will download a .zip file).
  2. Double click to unzip it.
  3. Right click on and select open to securely upload your SMS data to the HowDoISpeak server.

Your text messages are never seen by any person other than you — all analysis is fully automated and only you will receive the secret link to your results.